Always follow your heart
— Toby gutteridge

Toby Gutteridge is one of those people who you instantly like, want to spend more time with and whose presence makes you feel utterly humbled. Toby is so honestly unassuming, altruistic and is the man behind BRAVERY.ORG, an extreme sports brand, which supports and promotes courage, strength and resilience. It's motto ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART with a brooding lion gazing into the distance, encapsulates the heart and spirit of Toby.

Having served in the Royal Marines and as a member of Special Forces, Toby spent his fair share of time in the toughest of training programmes and in the hostile environment of Afghanistan. Having survived a bullet through his arm, his loyalty to his troop dragged him out of the medic's care (24 hours later) and straight back into battle. The first through a compound door, Toby walked into a hail of bullets and was shot through the neck, which paralysed his body instantly.

Toby survived. His daily living is dependent on carers and machines, a constant reminder of his vulnerability. Yet, this warrior fought his own mental and spiritual battle to do more than survive. He established a means to be a source of encouragement and strength to others. BRAVERY was created to be 'a symbol of hope; something that we can believe in and not to feel alone.' Toby's words allow a chink of light to reveal the incredible journey he has travelled.

Bravery is the ability to look forward and to move on despite the fear we feel. Toby is the epitome of bravery and as lionhearted as his logo, urging others to be intrepid and bold, to live life without regrets!

We are inspired to tell Toby's story of bravery, which gives us the courage to face our endeavours and pursue our dreams. We want Toby to be part of our adventures, we want to bring him to the edge of our travels, where his expeditions are not restricted to adventures of the mind but where our reality can become his experience.

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Luke Hosty