Throughout his life Luke has had a keen fascination in art. His path naturally led him to study and excel in Fine Art and Design in both high school and at college. After his tertiary studies in South Africa, Luke moved with his family to Jersey, Channel Islands. It is here that he gained insight in to the world of the Royal Marines and developed a fascination with and the need to understand war. 

He has since harnessed his combined experience and education in multiple creative fields with his free-diving and military career, to embark on a calling in creative production and exploration. Through the creation of Ocean Culture Life with long-term friend and professional photographer Matt Porteous. 

His ethos is to show the world as it truly is and to inform and challenge people's thinking, allowing them to make well-informed judgements. In the vast flow of our fast moving society, communication and teamwork has never been more critical.




Every project needs a behind the scenes co-ordinator and charmer - we have Leasa Marie! She is an authentic blend of beauty, compassion and organization. Her first loves are the outdoors, playing with children and creating a harmonious environment. Her skills have been honed in the compliance field, where she created systems and order, in childcare and working closely with families and in the competitive and disciplined field of swimming. Leasa connects to life through every energetic fiber of her being, which makes her our very special, methodical and adaptable social butterfly! 



Mandy is a freelance writer from Jersey, Channel Islands. Her educational background in English language, literature and Media Studies, combined with her having lived in different countries in Africa and briefly in the U.S. have given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.

 The love of words and they way they make sense of the world is what inspires her writing. She especially enjoys travel writing and capturing the story and emotions of any situation, making connections between people and places. She writes to give voice to the beauty and depth of experiences and the images that often accompany them.